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Build a successful SaaS Business from within your Agency

What if you could generate predictable, scaleable revenue whilst building a business that has substantial longterm financial value? Creating a SaaS business might be your path to creating the business you want to be.

Running an agency can feel like a frustrating treadmill of winning work, doing the work and then winning more work to replace the work you recently completed. It's like you're running as hard as you can just to stand still.By contrast, a SaaS business gives you a regular stream of revenue that is compounded as you add more subscribers every month. What's more, the long-term value of a subscription-based business can far outstrip that of an agency.What you might not realise is that as an agency-owner you already have superpowers that give you a head start when it comes to creating a SaaS offering.How do I know this? Well, I was faced with the exact same dilemma back in around 2014. Me and my two co-founders decided to pivot from our agency to launch a SaaS product, ScreenCloud which today is closing in on $20m in ARR.That's why I've developed my Building a SaaS Business out of your Agency programme that I'm using with a select group of agency owners just like you who want to break free from the treadmill and successfully spin out a SaaS offering. Want to find out more, book a discovery session below.

A programme specifically created for Agency Owners building a SaaS offering

My programme, 'Building a SaaS Business out of your Agency' will give you all you need to get your agency ready to make a success of spinning out its SaaS offering. It lasts about 6 weeks and only requires an hour or two a week of your time.The programme will help you come away with key answers specific to your business that cover:Which 'Route To SaaS' is right for you?
- an overview of the 6 routes you could follow to nail your SaaS ambitions
- a look at the pros and cons of each one
- an analysis of your current set-up
- an agreement between you and your co-founders of which 1 or 2 routes you want to take
Your weather-proof road map
- an audit of your current and future commitments
- an assessment of where each key stakeholder sees each commitment in the near to medium-term
- roles and responsibilities during any transition and with the new business
- understanding each stakeholder's view around funding any new initiatives
- building a road map and a commitment to execute on it
Is this 'the one'?
- digging into customer need and common mistakes around figuring it out
- total addressable market vs serviceable obtainable market
- competitive analysis
- unit metrics
- the team
A revenue model designed around your business
- creating assumptions in the absence of data
- understanding benchmarks
- bottom-up or top-down sales
- Go To Market
- sales team structure
- your personalized live revenue model template
Raising investment like a pro
- looking at all of your funding options
- is external investment right for you?
- bootstrap vs VC-backed
- understanding investors at each stage of your journey
- creating a killer investment deck and approaching potential investors
At the end of this programme you will have a clear idea about how you are going to spin your SaaS offering out, what that will look like for the key stakeholders, whether you are ready to go with the idea(s) that you have or whether you need to do more work, what to expect revenue-wise over time and how you are going to fund the project.If you want to start this process within your agency this will be an invaluable investment of your time.

Sounds like something you could benefit from? To see whether we could be a good fit to work together, book a no-obligation Discovery Session today and let's see what happens.

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